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Talking churn and PMF at #BrightConf 2016

 See you at 1871 in Chicago for the event!

See you at 1871 in Chicago for the event!

This Friday, October 14, Dave and I will be attending #BrightConf, a brand new B2B SaaS growth conference in Chicago. Jeff Judge and Tim Grace have lined up a smart group of investors, entrepreneurs, and executives to talk SaaS strategy and tactics. Attendees will get to hear from and hang out with folks like Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision, and Stella Garber, VP Marketing at Trello.

Our gracious, midwest hosts decided that I have something interesting to add to the conversation. In the afternoon I'll be presenting on a topic that needs more attention in our growth-at-all-costs startup scene, churn. Churn is that not-so-great event when customers decide to stop paying your company for your software. 

Customers stop using products for all kinds of reasons. Some reasons, like a customer going out of business, are harder to control. But, regardless of what you can control, you need to be informed. Why are customers cancelling? Are you attracting leads that are likely to churn? Do you think you're good-to-go as long as you have some net negative churn?

In this talk, I'll share my experience in learning about B2B SaaS churn. After breaking down the basics between monthly/annually, customer/MRR, and gross/net churn, I'll explain some techniques to help you better measure what kind of churn you have, and most importantly, determine what it means for your (perceived) product/market fit.

Have any specific details you'd love to see covered in this talk? Tweet them to me, @resetbrian. Or, just let me know if you've seen some startups focus on net-negative churn earlier than they should. We can hug it out together.

See you on Friday!

Brian Kelly