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Now is the Best Time to Start and Company ... Now What ???

I gave this talk the other day at Techapalooza here in Fort Wayne.  I had just finished reading The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly and wanted to put together a talk that was a primer with some real meat in it reiterating Kevin's points on why now is the best time to startup and also regarding what to expect when starting up.  Heck, Brian and I are literally going through this right now.  More specifically, I've looked at a lot of startups not only as an investor myself through Digital Cowboy Ventures, but also when I worked for Elevate Ventures.  I answered a lot of questions related to:

- what investors expect at what stages

- how much equity to set aside

- what a simple financial forecast might look like

- whats my company worth

This slide deck is a quick primer to answer some of those questions and more.  I absolutely love doing this sort of stuff and am happy to talk to anyone about it.  Please reach out !

David Corcoran