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Brian Kelly and David Corcoran met over 10 years ago and built their first software company together, TrustBearer Labs. They continued to work together as product managers at Symantec after VeriSign acquired TrustBearer in 2010. Brian joined Duo Security in 2012 to lead product marketing and strategy. Dave helped grow midwest technology startups as an EIR with Elevate Ventures through 2013.

Fast-forward to 2016: Brian and Dave found themselves frequently exchanging business ideas and sharing their experiences working with other entrepreneurs. These discussions led to the founding of Third Rail, a boutique consultancy focused on helping B2B SaaS companies level-up their product and marketing strategy.


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Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is passionate about helping B2B software startups find product-market fit. He's led strategic product and marketing initiatives on the founding teams of several successful software startups including Nutshell, Duo Security, and TrustBearer Labs. Brian embraces his analytical side, but continuously reminds himself that data is only one of many inputs to strategy. He thinks that the best results emerge when all leadership stakeholders—especially engineering, marketing, sales, and customer support—wholly buy-in to their company's product strategy.



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founding partner

David Corcoran

David Corcoran has a passion for positioning startups for success. He has serially experienced every part of the cycle of startup companies from fundraising, product strategy, and building teams to selling and migrating the company. His additional experience as founder/CEO, VC entrepreneur in residence, director of innovation, turnaround-guy, and angel investor paired with seeing a fair share of failures make him well rounded to help other startup and early stage companies through their journey.



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